Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Walking around Bremerton with Walker Evans and William Eggleston.

When I am between assignments, I wander with my camera.

I took these 5 photographs this afternoon in Bremerton, Washington.  They are of the environment around a discount shopping mall.  It has a Value Village, a second-hand store based in the Pacific Northwest.  The old Dollar Store is now vacant.  Another huge retail space, former home of Stupid Prices, sits empty.  A Grocery Outlet thrives.

When I get tired of looking at depressing urban environments, I look at trees.  When I get tired of looking at trees, I look at people.  When I get tired of people, I look at water.  I never get tired of looking.  That was one of the things I found so re-assuring when I discovered Walker Evans and William Eggleston: neither man seems/ed to get tired of looking at the world.

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