Monday, October 29, 2012

Top 10 Rejected Concepts for My Land Rover USA Shoot

At the end of September, Land Rover USA invited me to photograph one of their vehicles for a week. I finished shooting a 2012 Range Rover Sport a little more than a week ago.

My assignment: No restriction or guidance. "We don't want to see anything we've seen before."

Here is what did not make the cut.

Top 10 REJECTED Concepts for My Land Rover Shoot.

10. PROVOQUE - an homage to Helmut Newton, featuring the 2013 Evoque

9. "CURRY" - a straight rip-off of the 80s Grey Poupon from the 80s, except with hipsters and curry.

8. How bullet-proof is my Rover?

7. The magic of side-impact airbags.

6. "PETA" - photos of PETA executives enjoying the intoxicating smell of fine leather and the pleasure provided by seat warmers, "executives" can include super models.

5. 101 English Bulldogs 

4. Pimp-My-Rover

3. 1994 Toyota Camry vs. 2012 Range Rover Sport

2.The Discerning Rover Guide to the Best Truck Stops in the Northwest.

1. "What happens in a Rover, stays in a Rover."  Two women dancing in the headlights of a Range Rover that happens to be sporting diplomatic flags of a certain former colonial power and the personalized plate "HARRY."

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