Saturday, November 3, 2012

Reflecting on how I shot Helen (the 2012 Range Rover Sport).

Before I ever actually sat behind the wheel, I had story-boarded multi-shot sequences, unfolding beautiful image after beautiful image. There were going to be interlocking story arcs. I involved friends in casting and props and lighting. I introduced myself to random Land Rover owners on the island, seeing if they'd be interested in participating as extras and interviewed them about their own vehicles.

I had my afterburners on for serious in the two weeks before I got the vehicle. 

I wasted a lot of time doing these things. 

Fortunately, I realized this the day before I met Helen. (Helen is the name I gave the 2012 Indus Silver Range Rover Sport.)

What I realized is that I was constructing images of Helen with no actual knowledge of her.  As someone who shoots a lot of portraits, I should have realized much earlier that I needed a level of understanding of the subject if it was going to succeed.

So, I decided to let it roll.  I tossed the "script" and drove the car. Within 3 days (I won't say how many miles or at what speed), I'd spent enough time with Helen to create some great images.  The only way I could transmit any feelings about the vehicle were to have some feelings in the first place.

In the end, most of the shots would not surprise people who are familiar with my work.  There are trees.  There is water.  There are dogs.  Some are at night.  All are in available light.

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